A Shirt for My Boyfriend - Sewing McCalls M6044

A Shirt for My Boyfriend - Sewing McCalls M6044

  I've been making clothes for myself for a long time. At least, since I was 17, so I know what I like and how I like to look. Being mid-sized, some clothing options are available to me in stores, but I find there are a lot that don't bother to carry a size above an XL. So I was aware how noninclusive a lot of brands and stores can be when it comes to anything outside the typical sizing. Upon my first shopping trip with my boyfriend, I realized this of course extends to those who wear "masculine" clothes as well.

  Any time we'd find a shirt that he liked, the store didn't carry his size, or his size was sold out. I found it a frustrating experience to say the least, but he was still chipper after we walked out of the mall with nothing. Perhaps it's because he likes saving money. In addition, a lot of the clothing we were looking at was on the pricier side, as anything other than standardized sizing tends to be. 

  At some point I got fed up with not finding anything for him, and offered to make a shirt. I bought a McCalls shirt pattern, M6044, and let him know that anytime we find some nice material for him, he can ask for it to be turned into his own personal garment. However, I warned him that this was my first time making a collared, button-down shirt.

There was a 90's themed birthday party coming up for a friend of his, and he was able to pick up some material more than a week beforehand. Plenty of time to put it together. My boyfriend likes really interesting and funky patterns, so I wasn't too surprised when he picked this one out:

This cotton material came from the quilting section of the store, and he picked out some neat purple buttons to go with it. 
  Overall, I found the process a lot more straightforward than I thought it would be! According to the pattern sizing, it wouldn’t fit in certain places. So I adjusted my cuts for that. The best part of this pattern is it’s quite long. So if you’re making this for someone who wants a longer cut shirt, this pattern is perfect!
  During construction of the garment. I put together the basic elements of the shirt, leaving off the collar and buttons, and had him try it on to make sure it would fit properly. When I brought it over to his place, his first remark was, "Wow, it's really a shirt now!" It was a little big on him at first, but once I added the collar and buttons, I was able to take in the side seams to really tailor it to him. 
  The pattern doesn't have instructions to do this, but I finished all the seams by folding in the seam allowance and top stitching them. It adds a little bit of rigidity and a "ready for wear" element to it. The collar was probably the most interesting part, as I've never done this style of collar before. It feels so professional and crisp with the interfacing added to it. I think I most enjoyed adding the buttons and the tag - always nice to add a finishing touch! 
It was such a cool experience to make something for my sweetie-pie! He's very happy with the final result - a cool shirt, with hand-picked fabric, and hand-made with love. He looks so handsome in it too!
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