About the Artist

What inspires me most?

I've worked professionally as an artist for several years. Over the last couple years, I've spent some time away from art, recovering from the emotional and mental toll of my previous job. I needed time to discover what I wanted to create and how I wanted to create it. 

Through this process, I've reclaimed my passion for art, and using creativity to heal. As someone who lives with an anxiety disorder, I've come back to art as a method for calming the mind and rejuvenating my spirit. The work I create is highly influenced by such, and my guiding philosophy is to make art that brings me joy. I hope my art brings joy to others as well! 


So much of the natural world fascinates and delights me. Mushrooms and Fungi in particular are of interest to me. Not only does it have its own kingdom of biological classification, but it contains organisms that range from poisonous, to hallucinogenic, to medicinal, to edible delicacies. Many mushrooms and fungi are being used in clinical studies to help with a diverse range of mental health conditions. 


I'm lucky to live in a part of the world that has access to fresh produce as well as a large variety of cuisines. You could call me a bit of a "foodie", as I enjoy trying new dishes and flavours. Food has been a comfort for me, a way for me to show others my love, and a means for healing my body and spirit. As a result, you'll see a lot of my art includes many delicious dishes. 


Of course all these subjects tie into the protection of our planet. Without sustaining the delicate balance of our ecosystems, we won't have all the wonders of our world. With continuing globalization, we're able to access produce from all over the world, and I recognize that much of our food and resources are transported via methods which use fossil fuels. 

The same goes for the majority of the items purchased online. The effect of producing and shipping my items is not lost on me. As such, I make an effort to support local art supply stores, choose sustainable printing options, and offset my shipping through Cloverly 

I feel a deep connection to world around us, and aspire to protect its resources for future generations.